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June 21, 2005

How Can Homeopathy Help in Pregnancy and Childbirth?

Women often think they will just have to put up with common discomforts of pregnancy like morning sickness, but homeopathic remedies provide a safe alternative, with no risk to mother or baby.

Pregnancy is a time when women are rightly wary of orthodox medicines, because of risks to the unborn child. Unfortunately, women often think they will just have to put up with common discomforts of pregnancy like morning sickness, but homeopathic remedies provide a safe alternative, with no risk to mother or baby because they provide such tiny doses and work with the body, enhancing its own natural healing powers. In fact, when the mother is as healthy as possible, the growing baby also benefits.

Homeopathy is ideally placed to treat the minor problems which often arise in pregnancy like heartburn, constipation or diarrhoea, morning sickness, mild urinary problems, thrush, anaemia and backache. It also acts in the mental and emotional spheres, which are often affected by the hormonal and lifestyle changes entailed in pregnancy.

Any serious or persistent symptoms need to be discussed with your medical practitioner or midwife.

Many pregnant women safely and beneficially follow the Tissue Salt Programme in pregnancy. Tissue salts are homeopathically prepared to a low potency which still offers some nutritional benefit, and are available from the homeopathic pharmacies, chemists and health shops. The salts used are Calc-Fluor 6x, for bone development and elasticity of connective muscles (helps prevent stretch marks); Mag-Phos 6x for heartburn and nerve development (and is also good for after-pains); Ferr-Phos 6x for blood oxygenation; Nat-Mur 6x for fluid balance (swollen ankles); and Silica 6x for teeth, bones, hair and general strength. The suggested programme is to take one dose each per day as follows:

Months 2 and 6: Calc-Fluor, Mag-Phos and Ferr-Phos
Months 3 and 7: Calc-Fluor, Mag-Phos and Nat-Mur
Months 4 and 8: Calc-Fluor, Nat-Mur and Silica
Months 5 and 9: Calc-Fluor, Ferr-Phos and Silica

Morning Sickness
Often suffered in the first three months of pregnancy, this entails nausea, sometimes vomiting, and tiredness. It can last all day, though it's usually in the morning when the stomach is empty, and can often be relieved by taking a dry biscuit or piece of toast in bed before rising. Even here, everyone is different: sometimes it's worse on an empty stomach, on smelling cooking, at the thought of food, etc. Your individual symptoms and moods need to be taken into account, and your homeopath can advise.

The hormones which prepare the pelvic muscles for labour also affect the digestive system, and can slow the processes down. Simple changes can make a difference - it's certainly a good idea to drink more water, and you should add more fruit and veg to your daily intake. Iron tablets can cause constipation too, and your homeopath can advise you on alternatives, including eating iron-rich foods. Avoid drinking tea with a meal, as it can actually interfere with iron absorption - whereas drinking a glass of orange juice helps you to absorb iron. Homeopathic remedies will also assist with constipation.

In Labour
There are many homeopathic remedies to assist with labour difficulties. A birth kit of useful remedies is available from the pharmacies, but I recently heard from a midwife that she has encountered women coming into hospital with their birth kit packed, but unopened and the instructions unread. Strictly speaking, your midwife is not supposed to assist you with this, so the remedies and when and how you take them in hospital are entirely your responsibility, and labour is not the best time to be wondering which remedy to take. If you have an established relationship with your homeopath, he or she might be prepared to attend the birth. At the very least, ask your homeopath beforehand for a pre-birth consultation with you and/or your birth partner, so that you are informed and prepared to self-administer.

Healing Afterwards
Bruising, stitches, Caesarian scars, the blues, breastfeeding, exhaustion, colic - all can benefit from homeopathy. Having access to a safe, gentle and effective treatment option that speeds healing for you and your baby makes the whole process more enjoyable.

Some homeopaths specialise in this area, with very good statistical results. It is definitely worth consulting with a homeopath if you are planning a pregnancy or having difficulty with conceiving; I have personally seen good results in this area.

I wish you all the best for a healthy pregnancy!

Posted on June 21, 2005 07:33 PM

Written by Linda Lloyd, MLCHom, DipHEAR, FARH
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