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March 22, 2008

Homeopathic Remedies for Use Before & After Childbirth

Many women now know about the benefits of homeopathy in childbirth to reduce complications, and they hope to use homeopathic remedies during labour. But women are often surprised that homeopathic remedies can also help with common discomforts of pregnancy like morning sickness with no risk to mother or baby.


Anticipatory anxiety - scared of what might happen: Aconite, Gelsemium

Breast - injury to deep tissue: Bellis Perennis

Breech presentation: Pulsatilla (36th week onwards)

Bruising caused by baby kicking: Arnica

Dreams (anxious): Aconite

Exhaustion: Arnica or Kali Phos

Fainting with air hunger: Carbo Veg

Fall: if shocked by fall, Arnica. Fall on coccyx: Hypericum

Fear of childbirth: Aconite, Cimicifuga, Gels

Flu just before due date: Gelsemium

Insomnia: with fear - Aconite; wakes at 3.00am - Bellis

Induction - alternative to: Caulophyllum

Kicks from baby - causing soreness/bruising: Arnica. Sudden, sharp, upsetting: Staphisagria

Malposition of baby (from 36th week) - breech: Pulsatilla. Transverse: Pulsatilla and Arnica

Nerve pain - sudden in abdomen, groin, leg: Bellis

Panic - about birth: Aconite. After previous bad birth experience: Gelsemium

Paralysis - due to fear: Gelsemium

Premature labour - after fall: Arnica, with Aconite for the fright

Restlessness caused by anxiety: Aconite

Sciatica caused by position of baby: Bellis

Transverse lie (36th week onwards) Pulsatilla and Arnica

Uterus feels sore, ligaments over-stretched: Bellis

Wind trapped with excruciating pain: Carbo Veg


After many children: Secale
Groin area, intense: Cimicifuga
Long-lasting: Secale
Extending to hips, buttocks, legs: Kali Carb
Worse when baby feeds: Arnica, Cham, Puls, Secale
With sore, bruised feeling: Arnica
With weepiness: Pulsatilla
With disappointment/resentment about the birth: Staphisagria
Unbearable: Chamomilla or Cimicifuga

Anger (often suppressed) about the birth: Staphisagria

Anxiety: Aconite or Cimicifuga

Back pain: Kali Carb or, if after epidural, Hypericum

Breasts painful
Radiating pain from nipple: Phytolacca
Red, hot, throbbing: Belladonna
Hot, worse for movement: Bryonia

Bruising: Arnica or Bellis Perennis

Caesarian - after effects: Arnica, Bellis Perennis, Calendula, Hypericum

Catheter - after effects: Staphisagria

Cracked nipples: Phytolacca

Drugs - after effects
Morphine or pethidine, disturbed sleep, irritable: Chamomilla
Syntometrine: Secale (as soon as possible)
General anaesthetic: Phosphorus (especially if vomiting)
To detoxify in general: Nux Vomica

Epidural - after effects: Arnica and Hypericum

Episiotomy: Calendula, Hypericum, Staphisagria

Forceps delivery - after effects: Arnica, Bellis Perennis, Calendula, Staphisagria

Humiliation, feelings of: Staphisagria

Insomnia with anxiety: Aconite (see also Drugs after-effects)

Inflammation of penis, in newborn: Arnica

Irritability: Chamomilla or Sepia

Placenta retained
With bearing down sensation: Secale, Sepia
After long exhausting labour: Arnica
Contractions weak or non-existent: Pulsatilla
With bleeding: Ipecac
With shaking: Caulophyllum, Cimicifuga

Resentment, feelings of: Staphisagria

After very fast labour (for mother and baby): Aconite
Of baby being an unexpected sex: Arnica
Of serious birth defect - give mother Cimicifuga

Of perineum: Calendula
Of uterus: Arnica, Bellis

Stitches: Calendula, Hypericum, Staphisagria

Urine retention in mother: Arnica, in baby: Aconite

Weakness: Kali Phos, Arnica, Puls, Sepia

Weepiness: Pulsatilla or Sepia

Wounds: Calendula, Hypericum

Posted on March 22, 2008 10:19 PM

Written by Linda Lloyd, MLCHom, DipHEAR, FARH
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